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Snake Alley (NFT-Print)


Thalassophobia (NFT-Print)

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Media: Giclée on Archival Paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Description: NFT print for Snake Alley (minted on the platform). This art print is part of an iteration series, because the code produced 365 alternative versions of this image. These prints are only available to verified collectors of the NFT.

Snake Alley was named after a narrow passage sidewalk in my neighborhood, often frequented by snakes. Walking there can make you a little anxious. The compositions are organized like spokes through a series of concentric rings, like the Dharmachakra, however these are twisted and centered around an out-spiraling function. The color gradient titles and colors were adapted from different snake species, typically variants found in the southeastern US, when different colorations occur in other regions. For example, the coral, corn, and milk snakes around Charleston have similar coloration in nature, and their similar color gradients reflect this fact.

The NFT prints are non-limited edition, so additional copies of each print may be sold to the NFT holders. Because NFT prints are exclusively available to the verified collector, these are still likely to be a small run. The artwork is is sold unframed and shipped to the customer with a certificate of authenticity. More information about prints is located here.

Prints are not hand-signed in the margin, which facilitates faster production and shipping. The artist signature can be added digitally by special request – just reach out before placing the order.

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Dimensions 22 × 12 in

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