Art by Kenny Vaden

About Prints

First print sold from the online shop in May 2021: Uncertainty (1/5)

Fine Art Prints for Generative Art

Fine art prints are produced on demand and shipped directly to the customer with a Certificate of Authenticity. The printer makes high-resolution giclee prints on archival-grade paper, selected based on color gamut, contrast properties, and high ink load. The paper and inks are designed to remain beautiful for decades.

Each print has a 2-inch border added to the outer dimensions, which makes it easier for matting and framing. The print area and paper dimensions, and archival paper used are described in the information for each print.

The professional fine art printer was selected based on expertise with fine art print production, high-quality printing equipment, archival paper selection, and brilliant ink sets. The colors from each digital image are well-represented with art-grade prints. Please note that images may look different on backlit device screens from fine art prints.

Limited vs. Single vs. Non-Limited Edition Prints

The artwork descriptions on the webpage clearly state whether a work is a single edition, limited edition, or non-limited. Art prints from a single edition or limited edition run are numbered, and that information is shown on a digitally signed certificate of authenticity.

  • Single edition: printed once, numbered 1/1, no other images generated from that code will be sold.
  • Limited edition: printed up to a pre-specified number (e.g., 5), numbered 1/5, 2/5, …, 5/5, no images from that unique algorithm will be offered again, once the limit is reached.
  • Non-limited edition: printed without a specified limit, not numbered.

Prints are not hand-signed or numbered in the margin, which facilitates faster production and shipping. The artist signature can be added digitally by special request – just reach out before placing the order.

Iteration Series

One special aspect of generative art is that a series of related, yet totally distinct images can be produced by an algorithm, rather than a single one.

When one program is used to generate a set of unique images, this is referred to as an iteration series. The title for an iteration piece includes a number that indicates it is part of a series, see Stochastic Violence 1 and 2 (below).

An iteration series can be printed in limited numbers as a limited or single edition, or as a non-limited edition. The numbering system for single/limited/non-limited edition works is described above.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Prints

Fine art prints are available for purchase by verified NFT collectors who own my artworks.

A professional printer guided the selection of papers and color profiles to enhance subtle contrasts for dark-colored backgrounds or dark color-heavy compositions. This solution produces beautiful prints for generative artwork in NFT images primarily viewed on screens.

The NFT-prints are only available for the collectors, who can contact me to verify their ownership if they are interested in purchasing a print.

The NFT-print costs are lower than most of the other fine art prints, taking into consideration that the collector already purchased an NFT of the piece. The ownership and verification requirements limit production, even for non-limited edition NFT-prints.

  • NFT-prints for Thalassophobia can be ordered by owners here.
  • NFT-prints for A360 Mindsets can be ordered by members here.
  • NFT-prints for Worlds can be ordered by owners here.