Art by Kenny Vaden

Abundance 360 Mindsets

Celebrating the one-year anniversary since their drop (4/5/2022), it seems like a good time to share the story of a commissioned artwork I produced for the A360 organization meeting in Los Angeles. Collectively, these were called the Abundance 360 Mindsets.

The long-form, algorithm-based generative artwork was composed in R code to produce four unique versions that each represented an A360 mindsets: Abundance, Exponential, Longevity, and Moonshot. Distinct geometric configurations and color gradients were used for each work. These were distributed to A360 members as part of a 500-piece limited edition NFT collection.

Generative art uses code to draw all of the lines, shapes, and colors instead of manually drawing and painting everything. This requires the translation of your artistic vision into geometry and code commands, and truly abstracts the creative process from interacting with a physical medium to conforming visual output to your imagination.

Like all art, generative art is fun and highlights the creative possibilities and recreational aspects of math discovery and the “magic” of writing code. There are happy accidents in code-based art, like other mediums, but the generative aspect of code art allows artists to explore the output-space of their algorithm and iteratively refine the possibilities.

Eventually, the algorithm produces excellent output on every execution, while continuing to produce exciting and emergent forms. In other words, the artwork can surprise the artist by defying their predictions. Finally, the curation process can begin and the artist selects the best output from the code.

The original concept for the A360 Mindsets generative art pieces was to create a structured landscape based on perspective-distorted circles, which evolved into different shapes as the code developed. Below is an early example output from the algorithm is shown, which did not have any color.

The next image shows a (code-based) “sketch” output version of the final result, which highlights the underlying geometry with hemi-circles, line series based on connecting their edges and tangentially placed circles. The addition of lettering, colors, and geometric embellishments to the code transforms the second image below to the finalized A360 Moonshot shown above.

A360 Summit members also can exclusively can order fine art prints of the Mindsets, as shown below.

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