Art by Kenny Vaden


Artist Statement

My code-based artworks capture the beauty, turbulence, and horror of our times. Experience with other mediums (photography, drawing, and stained glass) provided me with contours for the algorithms I write, which generate colorful and abstract expressions. My artistic process involves composing new code for each work in the R Statistics Language to set up a “blank canvas”. I iteratively write code, execute the system, and view the image results. Each algorithm can generate high-resolution images for fine art prints and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Background: Art and Science

Prior to writing algorithm-based art, my art experience included drawing, painting, stained glass apprenticeships, as well as nature photography. My artworks have been selected for the permanent art collection at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) where I am a faculty member (2016), the juried annual art publication MUSC Humanitas (2015, 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022), Courtenay Street Art Gallery (2012), and Piccolo Spoleto Annual Juried Art Exhibition (2012, 2022).

I started experimenting with code to generate art in the R Statistics Language out of curiosity. I have been using R in research for many years, which includes highly precise graphics for plotting scientific results. As my artistic experiments continued, I encountered a wonderful online community of creative code and associated artists from engineering, mathematics, economics, computer science, and other technical disciplines. This is probably best represented by the Generative Artists Club.

As my algorithms became more sophisticated and complicated, I challenged myself to describe each new work in a plain language recipes so a non-technical audience can better appreciate and enjoy the artwork. The descriptions also can provide interesting practice for other coders, to see if they can replicate the images, or take the algorithm on their own fun & creative side-adventures.

Purchasing Generative Art

I am happy to discuss collaborations and requests to purchase artwork with individuals, license artwork to musicians, and exclusive representation for a selection of my work by art galleries. Feel free to reach out!

Art on the Block-Chain

Art Collections

Pathos (R code). November 2021. Juried Selection for the Medical University of South Carolina Community Gallery. Charleston, SC.

Gorgeous Gorges. Waterfalls and fall colors at the Gorges State Park, NC. April 20, 2016. Selected by the Humanitas 2016 Jury for exhibit and inclusion in the permanent MUSC Art Collection. Charleston, SC.

Art Exhibitions

Magnetic Field Reconnection Event (R code). March 2022. Humanitas 2022 Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Literary Publication. Charleston, SC.

Momentary (R code). April 2021. Humanitas 2021 Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Literary Publication. Charleston, SC.

Moth. Common buckeye (Junonia Coenia). April 2020. Humanitas 2020 Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Literary Publication. Charleston, SC.

Sleepy Snake. A coiled snake laying on fallen tree branches in the Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary. April 20, 2016. Humanitas 2016 Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Literary Publication.

Untitled. Dark fishing spider (Dolomedes Tenebrosus) hunting tadpoles at the Caw Caw Interpretive Center, Ravenel, SC. April 23, 2015. Humanitas 2015 Annual Juried Art Exhibit and Literary Publication.

Art Gallery Representation

February 2021 – present. Anew Gallery. Tiomkin 16, Tel Aviv, Israel

Featured Music Albums

Culture Riddem Tribute to Joseph Hill

By Kenyatta Hill

February 2022


Places of Conflict, Iteration (R code). Artwork featured in the Anarchist Review of Books, Issue #4 Summer/Fall 2022.