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Desire Path


Pen Plotter: Desire Path

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Media: Plotter Art (Sakura Gelly Roll, Moab Entrada Rag archival paper)
Print dimensions: 18 x 22.5 inch print area, 22 x 26.5 inch paper outer dims (56 x 67 cm)

Description: DESIRE PATH is algorithm-based artwork that was created with the R Statistics language and produced using an Axidraw pen plotter. The algorithm established a grid, which was increasingly distorted from left to right, then stochastically filled in with intermediary weighted averages. The end result was an interesting blend of structure and chaos.

The process of creating this artwork is detailed in a blog post here. The materials used included white archival-grade paper, Moab Entrada Rag, which is a high-quality, acid-free printmaking paper. The composition were drawn with three different Sakura pens. Each print consisted of four layers and took approximately 4-6 hours to complete. This artwork is a three-iteration, single-edition (each) plotter print with iteration numbers 1-3 and hand signed in the 2 inch margin, which ships directly from the artist’s studio in Charleston, SC.

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