Art by Kenny Vaden

Growth Is Messy, Iterations 1-3


Pen Plotter: Growth is messy

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Media: Plotter Art (Sakura Gelly Roll, Arnhem 1618 archival paper)
Print dimensions: 18 x 22.5 inch print area, 22 x 26.5 inch paper outer dims (56 x 67 cm)

Description: Growth Is Messy is an algorithm-based artwork composed in the R Statistics language, which was produced with an Axidraw pen plotter. The algorithm was pretty simple, using a series of 100 points along a circle, which expanded and rotated slightly over a series of time steps. Each of the resultant lines connect the paths of a single point along the transforming circumference, plotted with a heavier # 10 pen. The materials used included black paper purchased locally, Arnhem 1618, which is a high-quality, 100% rag, acid-free printmaking paper. The composition were drawn with white Sakura Gelly Roll pens. Each print took 1-2 hours to produce.

This artwork is a three-iteration print with a single edition each, hand signed with iteration number 1-3 in the 2 inch margin. These prints ship directly from the artist’s studio in Charleston, SC. More information about shipping and returns can be found here.

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