Art by Kenny Vaden

Postcard One

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Postcard One Iterations

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Media: Plotter Art (Pilot G-2 #07, white cardstock)
Print dimensions: 4 x 6 inch dims (10 x 15 cm)

Description: Postcard One is an algorithm-based artwork composed in the R Statistics language and produced with an Axidraw pen plotter. The underlying algorithm set up a grid with 12 columns and 18 rows, with stacks of partial circles whose heights and rotation angles were determined by location-based reference to a smoothed random number field. Each postcard is plotted with inexpensive materials, premium smooth white cardstock and Pilot G-2 pens.

New unique iterations will be produced as orders are received. Note that image previews show the first two iteration outputs, since every order is a new output from that system.

Postcards are shipped directly from the artist’s studio in Charleston, SC, without any packaging in the first class mail. Postal wear and tear is part of the production.

Shipping cost is included in the purchase.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 in

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