Art by Kenny Vaden

R Code Artists

This post is a reference for anyone curious about the other generative artists who create artwork with the R Statistics Language (aka R code).

As of June 10, 2022 (updated), I’m not sure how many others exist in the world, but a small number started with R or primarily use R like myself. Typically, these artists developed their extensive coding experience in the context of mathematics, statistics, research, and data science.

Below are a few other generative artists who use(d) R code to create art:

1. Thomas Lin Pedersen, 2. Mathias Isaksen / st4yhome, 3. Torsten Sauer / rtbyts, 4. Claus Wilke, 5. Jeff Sheremata, 6. Danielle Navarro, 7. George Savva, 8. Antonio Sánchez Chinchón, 9. Saurabh Dhiman, 10. Meghan Harris, 11. Ijeamaka Anyene, 12. 1abstract, 13. Will Chase, 14. Katharina Brunner, 15. Chris Ried, 16. Marcus Volz, 17. Paul van der Laken, 18. Pierre Casadebaig

Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to be added to this list or know of someone I should add — the more the merrier! Also, if you’d prefer to be removed for any reason please let me know.

Revolving Door or Guillotine (R code, March 30, 2021)

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